Hi, i'm Kayla. 

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Photography is how I give back to parents who work hard to cultivate a loving family.

I believe beautiful documentation of curated moments is vital to a mother's mental health. 
Kayla Colvin Photography began in 2016 when I sought a better way to document the ever-changing mannerisms of my first child. As my family grew, so did my love for photography.

Now, as a mom of three, I have begun to process the hard truth that babies grow up, and without pictures freezing time, I would forget all those small details and interactions. I want every parent to have the gift of moments frozen in time.

As a wife to a husband whose job makes him absent from us for much of the time, I fell even more in love with family documentation. Those difficult times of separation were softened by tangible reminders of the joy and memories we had built our family on. 


As a psychology major who has worked in the preschool setting and the prison setting, I understand first-hand what it takes to make people - including small children and reluctant men - happy and comfortable.

I take pride in being able to make my families feel at peace during our experience; I understand that finding the time and getting everything together for a photo session is a challenge, so I work hard to support you and make it as easy, fun, and natural as possible. 

I am happy to help you with outfit coordination and will be available to promptly answer any questions that you have leading up to our time together. 

I look forward to the privilege of making sure that your images cause you to recall the joy and help you to recognize the value you add to your family. 
I so look forward to meeting and encouraging you!